UK Based Certified Sisterlocks Consultant and Locktician

Locks Royale featuring Microlocks by Liz Joseph


I am a UK based Sisterlocks Certified Locktician and consultant and I’ve had my hair since 2003. I thank my cousin Sonia for enlightening me about this Hair locking method that has taken everyone by storm. When I first saw her Sisterlocs I fell in love with them and immediately wanted them for myself. I could see this was something that black women have been waiting for and wanted to be the first qualified Hairdresser in the UK to offer this service.


The following month I was in Detroit taking a Sisterlocs class under the supervision of Dr. Joanne Cornwall (founder of Sisterlocs) I became the fastest consultant in the UK to be certified and also the first to become R certified. As they say the rest is now history!


Sisterlocs is an easy way of maintaining natural hair. You can achieve all the hairstyles that are chemically treated due to your size of locks & carefully thought of pattern, but without the fear of your hair breaking. I also offer a retightening classes on request.

Sisterlocs Gathering.

 I have been a certifed sisterlocks locktician & consultant since 2003 I trained in Detroit America under the supervision of Dr Joanne Cornwall.



I am also certifed to train clients who have had sisterlocks for more than six months to retighten their own hair.  



As I am also a qualifed hairdresser, I have a very good understanding of Afro Hair and can also offer coloring and styling to my clients.


As Joanne Cornwall says " so sisters if you're ready lets lock and load"


Sisterlocks and me!

Liz Joseph

Qualified Hair Technician

R Certified Sisterlocks Consultant

Tel: 07956 346 385